Liam’s Land All-Stars

Liam’s Land Society – $5,000+

Liam’s Land Patrons – $1,000-$4,999

Friends of Liam – $500-$999

  • Ms. Marlene Alexander
  • Ms. Thshonder Cuyler and family
  • Dr. and Mrs. E. Lee Taylor
  • Ms. D. Michelle Jervey
  • Meyers Brothers Kalicka, P.C.
  • Mr. Kevin Klekner
  • Dr. and Mrs. William Kropp
  • Mr. Jamie Casino
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dave Simmons
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chip Simpson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Len Cripe
  • Mr. and Mrs. Royce Copeland
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Bradshaw
  • Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Kramer
  • Ms.  Kathy Rogen


In Memory

  • Ms. Amiee Reddy in Memory of Wyatt Smith Reddy


Liam’s Land Winners

  • Ms. Lynn Rachels
  • Mrs. Fran Lingren
  • Ms. Trina Brown
  • Dr. Roy Maynard
  • Ms. Deane Donnegan
  • Mrs. Shari Miltiades
  • Ms. Kelly Boyd
  • Mr. Jason Sapp
  • Mr. Dan Hernandez
  • Mrs. Michelle Walker Daniels
  • Ms. Karen Lowe
  • Mrs. Marian Tueton
  • Mrs. Robin Buchanan
  • Ms. Dannette Kerr
  • Mrs. Missy Sailer
  • Mrs. Anne Hagerty
  • Mrs. Sherry Feathers
  • Ms. Sarah Brigdon
  • Mrs. Emily Rehse
  • Mrs. Nancy Porter
  • Ms. Elina Cain
  • Kennedy’s Cause



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